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Jilin Pharmaceutical Industry Design Institute Co., Ltd.


      Jilin Pharmaceutical Industry Design Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Jilin Pharmaceutical Industry Design Institute) , founded in 1986,  is a private enterprise. It is the vice President of China Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Association and the AAA credit enterprise in Jilin survey and design industry. It has a vast pool of talented engineering design personnel, including design masters and experts who receive government subsidies, professional registration practitioners and officers with high titles. All kinds of engineering and technical personnel account for more than 90% of the total number of the employees.




      Our institute boasts Class-A design qualification for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry approved by the State Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural DevelopmentClass-A  engineering consulting qualification approved by National Development and Reform Commission qualification for pressure vessel and pipeline design.


Management System


      Our institute passed the certification of quality management systemQMSenvironmental management systemEMSand occupation health and safety management systemOHSMS. It is one of the few pharmaceutical engineering design institute passing the QEHS three certification systems.




      We have sections for medicine technology, food processing, cosmetics technology, equipment, pipeline, construction, structure, heating, air conditioning and purification, electrical, automation, water supply and drainage, technology and economy, transportation and the like. We can undertake large, middle and small-scale pharmaceutical engineering projects, including biochemical medicine, chemical raw material medicine, Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical preparations, medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging material and services for food engineering, daily chemical engineering, biological safety laboratory, clean operation room, engineering general contracting, project management, project supervision, drug certification consulting and air-conditioning purification environmental testing. Our institute is one of the members of the National Pharmaceutical Machinery Standard Committee.


Advanced Equipment


      Our institute has LAN workstation, blueprint machine, printing machine, duplicator and design softwares including CAD design software, 3D design software, calculation software for pressure pipeline and pressure vessel design.


Project Achievements


      Our institute has now become the backbone of the national pharmaceutical industry design after years of accumulation of more than 1000 design projects all over the provinces and autonomous regions in China. We have established  strategic cooperative partnerships with well-known domestic enterprises, such as Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group, Aodong Pharmaceutical Group,Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, JinmaPharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd, Shanxi Yabao Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd, Xi'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Kangtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Guizhou Xinbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd,  Infinitus Group, Dalian Baili Pharmaceutical Group, Dalian Merro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and so on.


Technical Expertise


      Our Institute has unique characteristics and rich design experiences in traditional Chinese medicine extraction, infusion and injection, biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical preparations. On the basis of the guarantee in line with the GMP certification, we give full consideration to the needs of enterprise management, optimizing the production process, saving investment, reducing operating costs. Each design product can accurately reflect a beautiful blueprint for the customers.


Technical Achievements


      We have won high praise from the customers for our technology and product quality, approval of the national adminastration organizations,  national and provincial outstanding design awards since our institute was founded.